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Hi guys, how are you? Today's post is going to talk about some accessories that can be essential for that moment when you want to hide a little fat, or even give that lift in the buttocks, stick around, I know you'll like the post.

Modelador de corpo inteiro

What would you do if you could improve your body quickly?

 For a fit body, use curlers! It's not new that some women use body shapers, but these accessories didn't always fulfill what they promised and that's why many left it aside. 

But would you still like to find a full body shaper? Today I brought you some that will be the highlight of your closet. Full body shapers are an almost indispensable accessory for most women, they help to hide some localized fat, give shape to the body such as: waist, buttocks and legs. 

These come in sizes and shapes, giving you better options to feel comfortable and beautiful.

The shapers go to the waist, favoring the reduction of the stomach, as their bristles press your waist improving abdominal pressure and ensuring that everything stays in place.The technology used in the pieces ensures that they adjust to your curves without causing discomfort. Some straps have removable straps, helping those who prefer to wear strapless clothes, so you will have infinite options to choose from, whether in color or model.

Short modelador
If you are looking  for another type of accessory, you can also find buttock lifters. They will act to shape and improve the appearance of your clothes. Good option for times when you need to be flawless, so have a body shaper and buttock lifter and use it to your advantage. 

Perfect for any occasion you need. If you don't have time for diet and a lot of training, but you like to feel good when you put on an outfit, this is a good option glute lifters, will be of great help with those tighter clothes, and who want to look beautiful, sexy and confident.

You'll also find plus-size models, with crotch openings and front zippers that will make your life easier.

Cinta para treinar

3 Occasions to use these accessories, check out these tips!

If you are in search of an ideal body shaper, check now these three tips that will be of great help to you.

1 Social 

If you are going to a party, you need to look good, don't you? Besides hair, accessories, and make-up, your clothes need to look impeccable, and if you still feel insecure with certain clothes, but don't want to give up wearing them, a 3 in 1 body shaper may be the solution for you. 

2. During the day

If you're staying at home, but still want to wear an accessory that makes you look good and  gives you freedom, you can option for buttock lifter shorts, which will flatter your body and make you super confortable, as well as improving your curve, form the waist. 

3. Workout outdoors.

In addition to shapers, and buttock lifts, you can also choose girdles that improve your posture and slim your waist, making your curves more apparent and beautiful.

With all these tips, you will now know how and for which occasion you should choose your body shaper.

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